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Dr. Joel SmallHello, I am Dr. Joel Small, DDS, MBA, ACC.  

As a practicing clinical dentist ( endodontist ) for  almost forty years, I understand the problems faced by my dental colleagues.  As a trained and certified professional and executive coach, I have the skill to help my dental clients and colleagues find answers to their personal and professional concerns.  And having my MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management I have the necessary knowledge to impact your practices bottom line. 

Professional and executive coaching is the second fastest growing profession in America according to Forbes magazine.  Corporate America has turned to executive coaching as their method of choice for developing corporate leaders that create corporate cultures that drive profitability and long term success. 

If you want to take control of your practice and your life in a manner that is aligned with your personal values; and if you want to make your preferred future a reality and find a more fulfilling life while doing the same for those you value, please contact me for a complimentary co-discovery session.



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You are able to learn more about me and the services I provide to serve your specific needs at www.joelsmall.com.  

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Dr. Joel Small

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Coaching Endodontists/Healthcare Professionals to Reach their Goals



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