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Dr. Joel C. Small is a clinical endodontist, coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and the author of “Face to Face: A Leadership Guide For Healthcare Professionals and Entrepreneurs.”

In his coaching practice, Dr. Small works with a limited number of motivated healthcare professionals, specializing in work with Dentists. His clients are looking to experience personal and professional growth while taking their business practices to a higher level. Together they work to reduce their stress and time at work while seeing more profits.

He received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and completed his residency in endodontics at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston, Texas. He is an FICD.  He received his MBA, with an emphasis in healthcare management, from Texas Tech University. He is a graduate of the University of Texas in Dallas, Jindal School of Management, post-graduate program in executive coaching.  Dr. Small holds an ACC Credential from the Internationa Coaching Federation.  

Dr. Small is a co-owner of Phase II Associates a dental consultancy and brokerage firm located in Dallas, Texas that brokers restorative practices in Texas and specialty practices nationwide.  Throughout his career, he has remained committed to his profession. He has served the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) as a member of numerous committees, including his service as a trustee of the Research and Education Foundation. He has also served the AAE as one of their national spokespersons. He is a past president of the Southwest Society of Endodontists. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the subjects of leadership and professional development. Dr. Small has his FICD

Dr. Small is available for speaking engagements and for coaching engagements and can be reached via email.



Learn what professionals have to say about working with Dr. Joel Small and his book “Face to Face”.

Since your workshop, my managers have commented how valuable the presentation was to them. Topics such as commitment vs. compliance, the fact that you own 100% of your communication, the need for being authentic, and how to start to create a culture based on values have been central discussion points for the entire group. I have no doubt that with this focus on leading our teams instead of just managing our teams we are on the right path to long term success both professionally and personally.

David Boschert, Area Sales Director – South Central U.S. DENTSPLY, Tulsa Dental Specialties

Dr. Small clearly has many gifts: dentist, writer, and speaker to name a few. He has a strong understanding of the difference between leadership and management, and, more importantly, can share his insights with his audience. His book, Face to Face, is a quick and useful guide to any blossoming business owner looking to create a culture of teamwork. In an industry where traditionally hierarchical management prevailed, Dr. Small presents an innovative and collaborative approach to successful practice management.

Nicole L. Berman, PCM Director of Marketing and Communications

Dr. Small has given us a leadership recipe of transformational proportions…..he has shown us that value-based leadership is not an accident or a birthright, but a purposeful state of being that is obtainable for everyone who seeks it.

Stephen F. Schwartz, DDS, MS, Past President of the American Association of Endodontists, Chairman, Assurance Biosciences, Inc.

Joel is passionate about leadership. His book, Face to Face, is partly scientific with a dose of real life homespun experiences from thirty plus years of clinical practice. He has mastered the unique ability to transform leadership principles from the mega world of corporate America to the microcosm of a small enterprise. His message is both thoughtful and compelling for those who seek a better way to live and to work.

Tony Jeary, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Author of Strategic Acceleration, Speaking From the Top, and Success Acceleration

Dentists are well taught in the skills of providing dentistry but for the most part are left to themselves to develop leadership and business skills. Many times there is a gap between being successful in our professional and personal and spiritual lives. We recently arranged for Dr. Joel Small, a practicing endodontist for over 30 years and the author of the book, Face to Face, to visit our area as the speaker for our annual “Spring Into Dentistry” seminar. He totally engaged our group of over 60 dentists and team members in aspects of office leadership and culture for 4 hours. His presentation was unique and yet logical. Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to his message and learn from his vast experience.

Edward H. Carlson, DDS, Mesa, Arizona

Face to Face is an excellent resource. As someone who works with recently graduated dental specialists, I understand the importance of focusing on leadership and developing a lasting vision for success. Dr. Small points new dentists, or any one new to management, in the right direction. Face to Face is not just a book to have in your library, it is a guide that will keep you on the path to a fulfilling career.

Debby Rice, Assistant Executive Director for Development, American Association of Endodontists

This is not just a book for the health care business owner; it is resource for our “shining stars”, the current and future leaders of our associations. As soon as I read it, I knew I had to gift a copy to every one of my board members. Dr. Small provides practical wisdom for the dental practice that translates to “excellence” in the board room. A must read!

Deborah Elam, MS, CAE, Executive Director, San Francisco Dental Society

Joel brings a message in “Face to Face” of critical importance to the professional. Understanding and practicing the proper approach to the art of leading in today’s complex environment is the master key to achieving fulfillment and success. Joel speaks with the honesty and authority of one who has lived what he teaches; his successes are significant testimony to the truth of his work.

Dr. John Findley, Past President of the American Dental Association

Dr. Small provides first hand insights into the root cause(vs. symptoms) of the issues that many, perhaps most medical / dental practices are currently facing, as a result of insufficient LEADERSHIP and mis-aligned CULTURES. He then provides a framework to guide us toward Values Based Leadership and Culture with an end goal of truly enjoying our work life and being successful by all measures, including fulfillment. While I found many “ah-ha” moments in Face to Face, perhaps the key catalysts for change are: (1) “Qualitative cultures that stress values over financial gain are more productive and have a better bottom line than businesses that adopt a qualitative, results-based culture”, and (2)”High performance organizations with mature cultures become magnets for talented staff and have a high degree of staff retention, management problems decrease as leadership skills increase.” This book should be “taught” in every medical / dental school as well as Health Administration Programs. Thank you Dr. Small, for sharing your insights and assistance!

Ruth Whitehurst, Program chair, JAWS Society. A National Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Administrators

We recently had the opportunity to host Dr. Joel Small as a speaker to a group of dentists in Mesa, AZ. We chose Dr. Small after having read his book, Face to Face. His experience as a practicing clinician and leader of a successful endodontic practice gives him the credibility that many other leadership speakers/consultants lack. We found Dr. Small’s message of personalized leadership in the small health care setting refreshing and unique. He teaches that leadership cannot be delegated and that the doctor creates the culture in the practice. Creating a well-defined practice culture will allow the doctor to focus on dentistry rather than managing people. He has a passion for dentistry as well as a passion for people and leadership – which is very obvious in his presentation. I think Dr. Small’s presentation is one of the best and most applicable discussions on leadership in dentistry that I have ever heard. Thanks Dr. Small.

Dr. Jason Hales,DDS, Mesa, Arizona

I highly recommend Dr. Joel Small’s book; Face to Face: A Leadership Guide for Health Care Professionals and Entrepreneurs. We use the book in our MBA program for Physicians & Dentists here at Texas Tech University and the doctors in our program have found it to be an excellent guide for leading dental and medical practices in today’s complex environment.

James Hoffman, PhD, Associate Dean for MBA Programs & Executive Education Director, MBA Program for Physicians & Dentists, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University


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